Today’s Microelectronics Workforce Challenge: Semiconductor ‘chips’ are a critical part of everyday life. They power every digital device we use, from phones to cars to hospitals and factory floors. While the US maintains a healthy leadership in chip design, U.S. chipmaking capacity has been declining for the past several decades, as production has been moved off-shore. Our country's economic and national security depends critically on reliable access to semiconductors and remaining at the leading edge of microelectronics research, development, design and manufacturing.

In response to this urgent need the U.S. federal government and the U.S. microelectronics industry have proposed tens of billions of dollars in near-term investments to increase our domestic chip-making capabilities.  But, these investments will not succeed unless there is a well-trained, diverse workforce that is prepared to support and reinvigorate the U.S. microelectronics industry – from research & development to design and manufacturing. A comprehensive STEM education and workforce development strategy is urgently needed to maintain America’s talent pipeline and technological edge. This includes education and training across the entire spectrum of the microelectronics workforce – from fabrication, assembly, and packaging technicians to designers and R&D engineers and scientists.

In response to this challenge the State University of New York (SUNY), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) invite you to take part in a workshop focusing on the challenges in the education and workforce development pipeline for current and future microelectronics manufacturing and design in the U.S.  This workshop will examine current semiconductor education efforts – what has worked, where we are falling short – and how the U.S. can innovate to expand, diversity, and better prepare the semiconductor workforce.

Workshop sessions will focus on best practices for successful, impactful and scalable education, workforce development (EWD) and outreach strategies as well as new and innovative approaches to EWD for U.S. semiconductor manufacturing.

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