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Your Resources for Remote Learning during COVID-19

Introduction to Accessibility

  • Applying Principles of Universal Design to Support Diverse Learners
  • Introduction to Accessible Online Learning
  • Top 10 Accessibility Issues in Online Courses

    Course Design & LMS

  • Incorporating Accessibility into Course Development
  • Accessible Syllabi in MS Word
  • Ally: Supporting Accessibility and Inclusive Pedagogy
  • The ABCs of Accessible Blackboard Content

  • Authoring Tools

  • Creating a More Accessible PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint 2016)
  • Introduction to PowerPoint Accessibility (Office 365 - MS PowerPoint 2019)
  • Creating Accessible Word Documents (MS Word 2016)
  • Creating Accessible Word Documents (Office 365 - MS Word 2019)
  • Improving PDF Accessibility

    Audio/Video Tools

  • Introduction to Audio/Visual Accessibility
  • The Importance of Captioning & How It's Done
  • Creating Captions Using YouTube
  • Adding Captioned Videos to Your Courses with Ensemble

  • STEM & Online Lab

  • Accessible Math: MathML, LaTeX, & Handwritten Math. How Do We Prepare Math for Text to Speech Accessibility?
  • Online STEM Lab Accessibility

    Planning for Accessibility

  • What’s your Accessibility Plan for your Own Teaching
  • Accessibility: Lessons Learned and Shared Resources
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