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Your Resources for Remote Learning during COVID-19


  • Creating Captioned Lectures on a Shoestring Budget  
  • Improving PDF Accessibility 
  • Making Your Remote Teaching Content Accessible: Getting Started with Sensible Approaches to Audio-Video Accessibility  
  • Planning for Digital Accessibility in Remote Teaching  

    Digital Tools

  • Utilizing Technology to Enhance (not distract from) Remote Teaching 


  • Live Remote (Synchronous) Lecturing Options: Collaborate  
  • Bb Collaborate Ultra Advanced Options 
  • Live Remote (Synchronous) Lecturing Options: Zoom  
  • Zoom Advanced Options Breakout Rooms 


  • Groupwork in Online/Asynchronous Learning: Tips, Tricks, and Plans for Success  
  • Making Instructional Videos for Asynchronous Learning with Explain Everything (Advanced) 
  • Teaching Math Remotely: Using Explain Everything to Generate Digital Content
  • Using Ensemble Video to Support Online Learning 

    Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams: Introductory 
  • Microsoft Teams: Advanced


  • New Workplace User - Quick Training

    DL Leaders
  • Shifting Our Learning Centers Part 1: Identifying Immediate Needs
  • Shifting Our Learning Centers Part 2: Planning for the Long-Term (PPT)

    Remote Instruction Strategies and Skills 

  • Transitioning your Face-to-face Syllabus for Remote Instruction 
  • Assessments

  • Alternative Assessment Strategies for Remote Instruction
  • Best Practices for Online Assessments   

    Discussion Forums

  • Best Practices for Creating and Leading Effective Discussions  


  • Best Practices for Online Paper Submissions and Grading  

    Academic Integrity

  • Best Practices for Promoting Academic Honesty in Remote Instruction  

    Communication Skills & Building Online Community

  • Creating a Sense of Community in Remote Instruction   
  • Digital Collaboration Tools: Communicating Effectively with your Colleagues at a Distance


  • Effective Online & Distance Teaching in the Visual & Performing Arts  
  • Natural Sciences at a Distance: Making the Move and Meeting the Learning Outcomes
    • Natural Sciences at a Distance: Making the Move and Meeting the Learning Outcomes - PDF

    For Instructors

  • Coping Strategies for Remote Teachers  
  • SUNY Resources for Remote Teaching
  • Time Management Strategies for Teaching Remotely  

    Supporting Students

  • Advising Remotely: Tips & Tricks for advising and Supporting Students at a Distance  
  • Barriers Students May Face in the Shift to Digital Delivery  
  • Reducing Cognitive Load (for you and your students)  
  • ThinkingStorm Online Tutoring  

    Technical Training 


  • Blackboard Tips & Tricks  
  • Blackboard Interface Overview & General Settings
  • Communicating with Students in Blackboard  
  • Creating Discussions & Drop-box Assignments in Blackboard  
  • Creating Exams in Blackboard
  • Blackboard Grade Center     
  • Introduction to Blackboard Workshop

  • Introduction to Bb Pt 1 (AM Group)
  • Introduction to Bb Pt 2 (AM Group)
  • Introduction to Bb Pt1 (PM Group)
  • Introduction to Bb Pt 2 (PM Group)
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