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Assessment Leadership

This course builds off the Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment of Learning Outcomes Certificate programs to help the participants learn the competencies necessary for leading assessment initiatives on their campus. The competencies will be introduced through proven models of leadership and will include how to develop trust, effective communication practices, relationship management techniques, and how to undertake a stakeholder analysis. Participants will apply what they learn directly to their campus context through interactive resources and engaging assignments that teach effective self-assessment and project management practices.

A key component of the course is the completion of SUNY360, a leadership skills inventory based on extensive research at Cornell University, The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) and other institutions at the forefront of higher education leadership development.  By the start of the course, participants will invite up to 20 “observers” to provide the 360 feedback on their leadership skills in four major areas:

·         Leading with effective decisions

·         Leading by developing others

·         Leading by advocating and developing the organization

·         Leading by building effective relationships

Participants will receive an individual feedback report and develop a leadership plan to focus on areas of need.

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Define, manage, and evaluate a project designed to advance assessment on your campus  
  • Identify and apply the change management skills required to meet your campus assessment needs
  • Implement strategies to influence your campus assessment stakeholders and culture from any level of the organization
  • Apply at least one theory or model of leadership to frame assessment initiatives on your campus
Intended Audience:
Faculty, staff and administrators who completed either the Institutional Effectiveness or Assessment of Learning Outcomes Certificate programs and are in (or aspire to be in) a leadership role in assessment initiatives on their campus.

Course Format:
Six-week, asynchronous online course in Blackboard.

Course Textbook (Required):
Bollman Gallos (2011). Reframing Assessment Leadership. Jossey-Bass. 1st ed.
ISBN-13: 978-0787988067
Approx. $38.00

Sponsored by
: The SUNY Center for Professional Development and the SUNY Council on Assessment

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